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So you’re one of the people that send and receive too many emails asking for documents to be delivered?
Life has definitely been overly messy, right? But with Document Request you can have a single view of not only all the documents you asked for but also all the files you are required to send out – keeping your life simpler than ever!

* This app can be used by all departments.

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  • View all information of each file, such as who edited, who approved, who rejected and so on.
  • Use the Versioning feature to keep track of all edits made by each team member.
  • See all the documents you are required to review along with their statuses.
Choosing ViewersDecide who reviews that particular document as soon as it gets delivered (optional).
Choosing SendersSpecify your Generator(s) or the person(s) required to send you a certain document.
Creating DocumentsEasily create and submit a new request with a title and description of your choice.
AttachmentsAttach required document(s), add notes or reject the whole request.
FilterView a filtered list of all the document requests along with their generators, reviewers, statuses and submission dates.
OptionsView all information on the document requests sent to you, such as who edited, who approved, who rejected and so on.

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